Some women prefer to have their kids in their 20s, so they can see them grow up. Others prefer to wait till their 40s, when they’ve achieved virtually all of their life goals. However, your 30s is the best decade to have kids. Why? Here are 6 strong reasons.

1. Fewer Bad Habits

When you turn 30, you start taking better care of yourself. No more drinking three days a week or having soda every chance you get. This way, your kids will grow up with a more responsible parent than a 20-something year-old.

2. Less Hours at Work

In your 20s, you’re establishing yourself and just starting off in your career. Long days and short nights are all too common. If you have a kid during these years, progressing in your career will be considerably tougher.

After all, what if you want to do your Masters? In your 30s, though, you’ll have moved up the financial ladder and you won’t need to work as long. So you’ll have more time to raise your children.

3. More Money to Spend

In your 20s, holding on to cash seems like a pipe dream. Everything’s so expensive and you’re probably earning so little. In your 30s, though, you can live in relative comfort because you have more spending power.

Having a kid won’t make you panic because you’ll be able to afford them, especially with a great family structure.

4. You’ll Focus on Them

In your 20s, you want to do everything. You want to travel, maybe even go on a trip around the world. There are just so many things to do. We say go ahead and do that and then when it is time to have children settle down until they are old enough to see the world with you.

5. You Have Enough Strength to Raise Them

In your 40s, you’re looking forward to retirement. In your 50s, raising kids will be a pain because they will have a lot of energy–which you lack. Imagine having your kid starting high school and going through their rebellion stage after you’ve retired.

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6. You’ll Have a Better Man

The truth is children make us all better people but you will be amazed on the effect it has on your man. Being a dad is one the most amazing gifts and when you are in your 30’s you have a chance to really understand the true value of what caring for a life means.

6 Reasons To Wait To Have Kids In Your 30's And Future Benefits


When is the best time to plan to have kids? For those who choose to wait, here are 6 great reasons to have children in your 30’s

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