For the longest time, we have been told that fat is bad for us and we should minimize how much we consume. But some fat is actually good for you, and omitting it from your diet may actually be causing you harm.

So here are six reasons why you should not be afraid of fat:

1. Effective weight loss

If you’re on a low-fat diet, I have bad news for you: this kind of diet has a negative impact on adipokines. Adipokines are hormones released from your fat cells that greatly impact fat loss.

To be precise, low-fat diets affect adiponectin, which enhances your metabolism and limits your appetite by increasing the rate in which fats in your body are broken down.

2. Strengthened bones

For calcium to be properly added into your bones, saturated fat is necessary. For stronger bones, you should try to make saturated fats around half of your total daily fat intake.

3. Healthier lungs

For your lungs to function effectively, the air spaces need a coating of a slim layer of lung surfactant. The fat content in lung surfactant comprises entirely of saturated fatty acids.

If you only consume unsaturated fats or foods that are very low in fat, your surfactant layer will diminish and over time this might make breathing normally a challenge.

4. You will eat less

If your diet is low in calories and you don’t eat foods like fish and nuts it is likely that you’re almost always hungry.

Having more fat in your diet will leave you feeling full, and you will eat less frequently. When fat reaches your small intestine, it triggers a series of signals that release hormones which make you feel satisfied. This will help you to control how much you eat in a day.

5. Optimal brain function

Most of the components that make up your brain are cholesterol and fat. Most of these fats are actually saturated.

It is important to eat more saturated fats if you want your brain to remain healthy and to function optimally.

6. Improved immune system

The saturated fats you find in coconut oil as well as healthy grass fed butter are vital for the health of your immune system. Having sufficient fatty acids in your body helps your white blood cells to keep your body safe from fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Fats can be healthier than we have been taught to think. However, like everything else, fats should be consumed in moderation. If fat makes up a large percentage of your diet, you’ll lose the benefits and wind up putting yourself at risk.

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