This is not a “how to go on a diet and lose weight to be healthy.” This is about simple healthy life and food swaps to relieve stress, be healthy, live longer, and to make life easier on you. Being healthy does not have to be so stressful.

If you are not the type of person who just does not work out, then change up some of the things you eat with healthier options. If you don’t have the ample money to purchase healthy foods, then eat in moderation of the foods you do have.

There are always ways to live healthy in a simple way, by swapping unhealthy things with healthy ones. Here are a few simple ones:

Whole fruit for fruit juice

While your favorite fruit juice is filled with extra calories and sodium, the whole fruit swap has natural fiber and sugars that are beneficial to your health.

Orange juice is a great choice for breakfast, but having an orange is beneficial to your well-being overall

Dried herbs instead of salt

When cooking collard greens or scrambled eggs, it is always tough to stop shaking that salt shaker to get the right taste, but it is wise to watch the sodium intake to decrease the chances of getting high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Get creative with parsley, basil leaves, chive rings, and sage.

Small dinner plate for large one

The size of your dinner plate affects your portion control. We do eat with our eyes, in a way. If given a large plate, you will fill the entire plate.

Standing at desk instead of sitting down

Did you know that 5 or more hours of sitting at your office desk has the same health effect as smoking a pack of cigarettes?

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Whoa! It is best to stand every 20 minutes during your work day or get an actual standing desk to combat serious health issues.

Exercise ball for office chair

If you don’t choose to get a standing desk, opt for an exercise ball instead. Not only would you get core exercises in during the day, but using an exercise ball can increase your posture and reduce lower back pain.

Smiling instead of frowning

Get a Better Sleep

Wake up each day with a smile. That is the best way to ensure that your day will be great, no matter what happened in the past or what is happening in the future. Always start the day with a smile.

6 Simple Ways To Swap For Healthy Living


Living healthy does not have to be complicated, this post suggest ways some simple changes you can make for healthy living.

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