A lot of cold and snowy days have happened this Winter…with a little cuddle action I’m sure. So by this Spring you may be surprise with that life-changing plus sign on your pregnancy test! Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase a woman can go through in her lifetime.

To see her body change, while creating a life for 9 months, is the most precious moment ever. And just because your body is changing, does not mean you have to put away your chic, fashion sense for 9 months.

You may not want to admit it, but eventually you will grow out of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Try out these ideas to dress your baby bump in a simple, yet confident way to continue to be flawless during your pregnancy:

Form-fitting dress

fitted dress zoe

Many pregnant women are so proud of their belly and they want to show it off. They are not trying to conceal their body nor their belly. The dress will hug her curvaceous body and will also give a great confidence boost.

Maxi dress

maxi dress

This dress is much looser than a form-fitting dress. Other pregnant women love the extra space to move freely. Maxi dresses are definitely fun and comfortable during pregnancy.