I do not know how many times I would start a diet on January 1st trying to stay true to the ultimate cliche, only to end it two weeks later. This is the very reason people say do not make resolutions for diet changes because it never ever works.

I am here to tell you that if you start to re program your mind, because lets be honest this has nothing to do with that Twinkie or Ding Dong! You will absolutely change your life.

The way to be successful at diet changes is to change your way of thinking about it, by not thinking about it. Here are 7 counterintuitive ways to lose weight now.

1. Clean your pantry and start fresh, literally

The first thing you have to do is start fresh but purchasing all fresh and good heart healthy food. Throw out anything that can do more harm than good to your body. Commit to packing in the nutrients and getting rid of the trash.

Cleaning out the kitchen, pantry and fridge is a sure fire way of getting started eating the right way because more than likely when you head back to the store you wont fill the cart with crap all over again.

2. Eat more

Eat as much good stuff as you want, when you are eating well, it is a lifestyle of abundance, not restriction, so eat up.

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Get creative with your food, make platters, make them look pretty and snack till your heart’s content! Not only does it take the work out of everything, you do not spend your time thinking about how deprived you are.

3. Lift more weights


Working out does take commitment and you will probably have to think about this one, but think of weight lifting as a hobby.

Watch your body change based on the things you are doing. Shape yourself to your liking, not only is it fun, but you get strong and sexy while having fun!

4. Do not beat yourself up at the gym

So you ate the cookies your sister brought over for the kids, do not try to burn off all of it at the gym. Exercise is not punishment, it is apart of your life.

Forget about those cookies, just work out as you would, hec go to the sauna as a reward so you can relax.

5. Do not deprive yourself

Deprivation is the root of most unsuccessful attempts at weight-loss, you get hungry, your mind starts telling you how amazing that full fat chocolate ice cream is and that you need it and then its all down hill from there.

If you want cake, then make cake just make it according to the lifestyle you have chosen, there are way too many recipes out there for you to just be dependent on foods that throw you off track. Not to mention, baking is way too fun to not do from time to time.

6. Stop thinking about it

We mentioned this, the mind tricks, the stress, just take it easy pick the things that make you happy that has nothing to do with food.

Go outside, play catch with your two year old when you can, go to a yoga class, read. Of course it is much easier to not think about food when you are not deprived, so eat and be happy in your new lifestyle.


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