There are a lot of things that you can say without opening your mouth. With the right colors, your clothes can speak for you and give the message you want to give and present the personality you want to show.

Whether it is a first date or a job interview, the colors you wear can convey the right message. With summer just around the corner, you will soon start shopping for new swimsuits and beach accessories and we listed the colors and the looks for you to choose while you are shopping. Decide on your message and color and you will stand out at the beach or at the poolside this summer.

For a sexy look go for:

1. Red

Everybody knows what red means: sex, love and passion. If you want to look hotter than ever and make men feel amorous for you, choose red and its shades in your next bikini.

2. Black

It may be classic but if you want to be sexy and elegant, go for the black swimsuits. Not only it will make you look thinner but also you will give the impression that you are hot. Plus, it won’t scream sexy like red does.

3. Gold or Bronze mixed

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If you want to show everybody who is in charge, choose your next swimsuit with these metallic colors. Gold is great but for the best sexy look, you can blend these colors, for example you can go for a black bikini with gold details around.

For a playful look:

1. Mismatching vibrant colors

Colors like green, orange, yellow and turquoise will make you look more playful and it will bring out the cutest child inside you. Go for different colors and patterns for the top and the bottom.

2. Step up your game with accessories

Even if it’s a flip flop, an accessory at the beach can make you stand out at the beach. Choose colorful and big hats matching with your swim wear. Complete your look with sunglasses and a beach bag.

For a fashionista look:

1.Body chains

Ideal for maintaining a sexy sultry fashionista look while sunbathing. Body chains come in all sorts of shapes and can be worn with any bikini.

2. Monokinis

Monokinis are making a comeback so you may go for a crazy cut monokini this summer to turn the spotlight on you. There are so many styles to choose from look out for more tips like this one as the Summer rolls in.

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