Your twenties are the years for completing the growing up part and it is a phase to become an actual adult rather than being a young adult. In this period of your life, your mistakes are your best teachers.

You have time to get up and continue when you fall, so these mistakes are crucial and inevitable. You have to make them but there are these 7 mistakes that you should be careful about. If you pay attention, you will be thankful later.

1. Spending every penny

Not having a savings account and spending every penny you have is one of the most popular mistakes that people in their twenties make. Even if the interest rates are low, it is better than nothing. In the short run, even a piggy bank would do.

2. Working for money only

Sure you have to make a living but doing a job that you hate or a job that won’t improve your skills will not get you anywhere. You should be following your dreams while you support yourself.

Waking up hating your job every day is exhausting. Find a job that you will love and give it everything you have got!

3. Chasing true love

Do you know how much time it takes to be in a meaningless relationship? All those dates take up your time.

So instead of wasting time on failed relationships and worthless people in your life, take some “you” time. Do not rush to settle down and get married. Get to know yourself and work on setting your goals and accomplishing them.

4. Ignoring your family

How tolerant are you of your friends? You tolerate their mistakes and their shortcomings? How much time do you spend with them? Now, think about your family. Is it the same?

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They supported you before you even had one friend and ignoring them in your twenties is kind of selfish. They deserve your attention so give it to them.

5. Trying to buy everything

“I need this dress!”, “I need an iPad.” Do you, really? Do not turn your wants into needs. If you don’t really need it, stop yourself from buying it.

Save the money for something else. If you are going to be broke at the end of the month, you don’t really need a new dress. What will you do when you have no money to buy food at the end of the month? Eat that iPad?

6. Not thinking about tomorrow

“I only live once” is the sentence that can drag you into the worst mistakes. Yes, you gotta do those crazy things but think about how it will affect you tomorrow or a year later. If it’s going to cause you trouble, think twice before doing it.

7. Not caring about your health

Above all, staying healthy should be your top priority. Smoking, drinking too much, sleeping less than you should cause damages to your body.

You can tolerate it now but as you get older, it will be harder and harder and you will see that your past mistakes will catch up to you. Make healthier mistakes!

7 Mistakes You Should Make In Your Early Twenties


We all make mistakes, but it helps to get some clues ahead of time. Read this post to see what 7 mistakes you should not make in your early twenties

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