Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner! I’m sure you have listened to Christmas songs back-to-back and probably won’t stop until the day of Christmas. I mean, this is the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ right?

Are you kidding me?! The entire month of December is full of holiday parties, money being spent, gift wrapping, Christmas dinner pitch-ins, and running around on the day before Christmas for that ‘perfect gift.’ I would love for this season to be full of wonder and happiness, but all I go through is ongoing stress and an emotional roller coaster of Christmas hassles. And you know what? I’ve had enough!

Following are 7 tips to have a stress-free holiday and to enjoy your Christmas time with your family and friends:

Plan your holiday in advance

I know this is easier said than done, but it’s just that simple. When you plan your holiday from the food you will eat to the presents you will give, just that alone takes a lot of stress off of you.

You don’t want to make the most amazing pie and realize you forgot the pie crust or you don’t want to give out all of your gifts and find that you forgot to get something for your boo. Planning for your holiday is the first step to have a hassle-free holiday.

Set a budget for decorations, gifts, and miscellaneous

Who doesn’t set a budget for Christmas? This is the smartest thing to do for Christmas shopping. Go for the small décor around the house instead of the 20ft tree you will procrastinate to decorate.

Purchase gifts that won’t break your break or cause you to dodge the bill collectors to get their money because you don’t have the money to pay them until April. Plan a budget that you are comfortable with and that won’t break your bank either.  Here’s some simple gift ideas for your besties.

You can still even splurge on christmas jewelry gifts without breaking the bank.  

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Strategize the gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is pretty fun, but it can also be overwhelming too. During the month of December, you may have gift wrapping parties at your apartment complex or your job during the holiday party.

Take your gifts there to have others help you with the wrapping process. You can also get free gift wrapping from department stores, so you won’t have to purchase tons of bags, boxes, and wrapping paper. If you don’t feel comfortable with others wrapping your gifts, take each day of December to wrap your gifts. Don’t procrastinate until the day before Christmas. You will just say, “forget it…” and just ruin your entire Christmas spirit.

Let someone else doing the cooking

You are already purchasing gifts, setting up decorations, and making sure your plan moves smoothly as possible. Adding the Christmas meal may add stress on your busy schedule and that’s what we are wanting to cut back on.

Usually the grandmothers, aunties, and mothers would want to take on that task anyways to make sure Christmas ham comes out right and the macaroni and cheese is the bomb. So leave the cooking to the matriarchs of the family.

Share hosting planning and responsibilities  

If you are planning on have a holiday party, ask another person to host it with you. It will be more fun to add another person to planning the festivities and you won’t have a lot of stress on you to make sure the party is fun for your guests.

Make time for your significant other

If you have a boo, make time for him or her. What’s the point of planning everything for the holidays to be perfect if you leave your significant other out of it. If you want a stress-free holiday, plan time for your boo.  And guess what?

If you are single, christmas being single and fabulous can be even better. 

Know when to say ‘no’

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, “Christmas is the time when people keeps on giving…” Christmas is a time of giving and you should give of your heart to others this seasons. However, if someone is trying to ask if you can “do this” and “do that,” just say ‘no.’

This is the time to enjoy the holiday with you family and friends. Don’t take on more than you have to this Christmas season.

And there you have it! 7 tips to help you have a stress-free Christmas season.

How do you keep your holiday season stress-free?

7 Tips To Have A Stress Free Holiday


Every feel a bit overwhelmed during the holiday season, here g are 7 tips to have a stress-free holiday and to enjoy your Christmas time.

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