Did you see Jennifer Lopez on WWHL on BRAVO yesterday. She explained the allure of the ugly hot guy and being a woman that is typically attracted to that type herself, she is quite the expert.

She told Andy Cohen that she prefers a funny dude with a “tougher edge.”:

“Maybe I liked when I was younger wasn’t as good for me, but now I have different criteria,” says Lopez. “I’m not, like, a looks person. I don’t know if you noticed, over the years [Ha!]. I go more for essence, for strength, the manliness, the fun… Sexy!”

Basically a ugly hot guy is a guy who, while very appealing, is not great looking in the face or over all, but his appeal is his ‘essence’ as JLo describes it.

For example Jamie Fox, on a good day can look great but he isnt all that cute, but has sex appeal. So who are your picks for the top ugly hot guys out there? Here are 7 guys we chose in no particular order.

1. Diddy

We have to agree with JLo on this one, he isn’t the best looking guy in the world but we can kinda see why women like him, his confidence/arrogance is through the roof and some women like that.

2. Daniel Craig

Maybe it is the whole bond thing that makes this guy sexy, who knows, but he is even though he isnt what you would call traditionally cute.

3. Jay Z


Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Many have questioned what Bey could see in Jay Z and chances are he is totally hot to her. I would say he would fall perfectly in this category of men who are appealing but just not great looking.

4. Vincent Herbert

I am sorry but Vincent got swag, and that’s all I am going to say about this one.


5. Wayne

I will be totally honest and say I am not a fan of Wayne’s ‘essence’ necessarily but in light of the fact that he had women fighting over him on Instagram he made the cut, barely.


6. Forest Whitaker

Again, not the prettiest ducklin of the bunch but recently Forrest has been looking rather sexy, especially when he did the movie “Repo Men”.


7. Mr. Big – Chris Noth

Tell me you guys did not think he was sexy in Sex in the City? He isnt all that cute, but we loved him! Who are your picks, comment below!

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