After a breakup, it’s not just women who suffer. Men might not show it so much in public, but they feel just as much pain. The thing is not everything a man does after the breakup is logical or helpful–in fact, some of what they do is downright stupid. So here are some of the most useless things men do to try and get rid of the pain of heartbreak.


1. Becoming digital stalkers

He might start going through all your old photos together again and again. And he could start visiting your social media pages almost religiously, just to see how you’re doing and if you’re happier than him.

2. Swearing off women

Giving long term relationships a break for a little while after a break up is normal. However you cant hide behind guy code forever, at some point you will have to deal with your breakup on your own terms.

3. Drink 

Some men just need a drink. Or a dozen. But drinking excessively never helps the emotions you might be going through. As a matter of fact it makes things worse.

4. Using casual sex as a means to cope

This is just a distraction and typically does not work, If you were in a long term relationship and you broke up, you will quickly realize casual sex is not for you and will not help you to cope.

5. Try to run into you on purpose

You know where she hangs out, so you try to low key harass her hoping for a conversation or just be an annoyance. It is much better to avoid confrontation and let the conversation happen if it needs to, naturally.

6. Get Distractions

Work or the gym seem to be the best places to avoid the reality of a breakup. But eventually emotions have to be dealt with.


7. Move on Quickly

There is nothing worse than talking about your ex the entire time you are trying to move on. If you meet a man and all he does is talk about his his ex girlfriend, chances are he is moving on too fast and has not dealt with his relationship loss.

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