You found someone to marry and that’s great but have you ever thought about how his job would affect your marriage? Well, you should. Some of the occupations listed below can be the mere reason of divorce sometimes. In our opinion here are our list of worst professions to marry.

1. Surgeon

Surgeons have long working hours and they have to be on-call sometimes. ER staff also has to be at the hospital, like, all the time. If don’t want to marry someone you will hardly see especially if you aren’t a Surgeon yourself you might want to reconsider.

2. Musicians

Musicians, like DJs, singers or orchestra members, have never-ending rehearsal hours, concerts and performances. The music world isn’t easy so if you aren’t ready to become apart of it wholeheartedly, you shouldn’t marry into it.

3. Police Officers and Firemen

They are our heroes but if you don’t want to worry about their safety all the time. If you are a worry wart don’t marry one.

4. Accountants and Brokers

Their lives are made up of numbers and calculations. Accountants and brokers have long working hours and they bring work to home. Either you appreciate that or walk away!

5. Bartenders

Aside from the flirting of the customers, like musicians they live at night and come home early in the morning, all smelly. OK we are joking but seriously bartenders are no walk in the park chances are they love their job and if you aren’t into it then maybe that is not the guy or girl for you.

6. Flight Attendants and Pilots

If you’re going to marry a flight attendant or a pilot, don’t marry at all because they won’t be there when you need them. They will be miles away, to be precise. Besides, they get to stay at the nicest hotels and see different countries without you.

7. Sailors

He will sail away and won’t come back for thousands of years. Like pilots and flight attendants, you won’t be able to see your husband often if you cannot handle long distance don’t walk into it!

Are you married to someone with these jobs? What are the other worst occupations to marry in your opinion? Comment below and let us know what do you think.

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