Dry brushing your body is very good for health. It removes toxicity from your body and increases circulation. Although it is not too common, it is starting to become mainstream for a lot of men and women. A lot of spas are utilizing the dry brushing in all their treatments, for the results and after glow that follows. It may sound odd, brushing your body, as though you were some furry animal. But once you get past that thought, you’ll find that dry brushing your body can do you good. If only you knew the benefits that dry brushing your body offered to your skin, body and overall health, you’d have jumped aboard a long time ago!

8 Benefits of Dry Brushing your Body?

There are eight key benefits that dry brushing your body does for you:

1. Exfoliates:

This is actually quite obvious. You’d think that brushing your skin while it’s dry would indeed rub off a lot of dead skin. But you wouldn’t think to do this otherwise. The only time you’re scrubbing your body is while it’s wet in the shower, and likely using a wash cloth or sponge that doesn’t help to slough off the dead skin thoroughly. So not only will this exfoliation clear away your clogged pores, so that your skin can breathe, but it also improves the appearance. All of us can use improvement in the appearance of our skin!

2. Stimulates your lymphatic system

This may throw you off. How on earth can dry brushing have any effect on your lymphatic system? Well, if you think about the purpose of this system, which is to eliminate cellular waste, then it all starts to come together. You have hundreds of lymphatic tubules that are working away, collecting waste from your tissues, which are then transported to your blood to be eliminated. This is known as lymphatic drainage. However, when your lymphatic system isn’t properly working, these toxins can quickly build up, causing you to become ill. When you have congestion in this area, it can lead to disease and inflammation. Dry body brushing stimulates your lymph system, so that it can continue doing what it does best — detoxify your body.

3. Improves Circulation

Okay, this is another one that kind of makes sense. When you continuously rub an area of your body, it’s going to improve circulation in that area. When you dry brush your body, it helps your skin get more blood, which in turn aids in eliminating metabolic waste.

4. Get Rid of Cellulite

Who would think you could reduce the appearance of cellulite with a brush? The way it works is by softening the hard fat deposits that sit underneath your skin, allowing it to spread out more evenly. This in turn reduces the signs of cellulite. It can also do this by removing toxins that are known to cause connective tissues to breakdown. However, it’s believed that this is only temporary. You’ll notice right after dry brushing that your skin will appear rather plump.   

5. Improves the Functions of your Kidneys and Digestion

Another brain twister benefit — dry brushing has actually been proven to help organ and digestion function. So if you’re trying to lose weight, then you should make sure to dry brush regularly.

6. Relieve stress

For some folks who have done dry brushing, they have coined it as meditative — at least, if you’re doing it in a serene place. It helps with loosening muscle tension and calming your mind. Some have even compared it to a full-body massage.

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7. Give you a boost of energy

Just like when you take a shower or a hot bath, detoxing your body with dry body brushing can also invigorate you. This occurs because it increases blood flow, which in turn gives you energy. It’s a good idea to do dry brushing in the morning for this reason.

8. Tones your muscles

If you’ve recently lost weight or just want to tone up sagging skin, you can use dry body brushing to do so. It stimulates the nervous system, which activates your muscle fibers. This leads to improved muscle tone.

Best Types of Dry Brushes:

You first need to purchase yourself a quality dry brush.  They can cost as little as $10 to $20. So before you go and grab the hairbrush out of your bathroom…don’t. There are special brushes that you use for your body. The bristles of the brush you purchase should be made of natural materials and should feel stiff, but not too rough. The brush should also have a long handle, similar to a loofah, so that you can reach hard areas like your back. I purchased the Saverty brush and am very happy with it, but included a few others below.  I also am a huge fan of the electronic brushes, as you can get attachments for your face and for your body!

Now, how do I go about dry brushing?

To really see the benefits that dry brushing can offer you, you should make sure to perform the technique daily (some people even do it twice daily). A good idea would be to incorporate it into your morning routine, say, before you get into the shower and then after you get off work. Remember to avoid doing it before you go to bed because it could wake you right up! When doing the actual dry brushing, make sure to brush towards your heart. This will help circulation and your lymphatic system. It’s recommended that you start at the soles of your feet, then work your way up your legs and then to your arms, chest, back and tummy. The only areas you don’t want to use this brush on is your face — it will be too harsh for that — and your genitals, since it could cause bruising and irritations. As you’re dry brushing your body, it shouldn’t be painful at all. You don’t want to scrub your skin, just firmly hold the brush, so that it is doing its job. If you notice redness or irritation, then you are doing it too hard. You can perform this for as little or long as you like, but on average, folks tend to do it for up to 20 minutes. Although, two minutes could be enough for you.

8 benefits for Dry Brushing Your Body and Face


Dry Brushing is a simple step to add to your shower routine and there are many benefits that you will experience. Here’s just 8 of those.

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