Prison LaborIn the US, prison labor is called in-sourcing. For every inmate companies employ, they get a $2,400 tax credit. And inmates are the cheapest sort of labor you can get; they earn between 90 cents and $4 daily. These are 8 of the major companies which have opted to employ prisoners and are paying them peanuts.



Do you have furniture from IKEA that’s a few dozen years old? During the 70s and 80s, IKEA used political prisoners from East Germany to make its furniture, and paid them a mere 4% of the regular wage.


2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s frozen foods are mostly made by inmates. The inmates process the beef used in the patties of your favorite burgers.

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They also process chicken products, bread and milk. Furthermore, McDonald’s has hired prisoners to make uniforms for its employees.


3. Starbucks

Starbucks uses prisoners to make their packages for coffee. This is quite frequent when the holiday season sets in. They do this through their subcontractor, Signature Packaging Solutions.


4. Verizon Wireless

Verizon uses prison labor to offer telecommunication services.


5. American Printing House for the Blind

If you’re blind and a student, it is quite likely that the text books you read are made by inmates. The American Printing House for the Blind has hired over 30 prisons to make these books for students who are blind.


6. Victoria’s Secret

It’s no secret that the company hires inmates to lower production costs of their clothes. In South Carolina alone, they used female inmates to sew their products. They have also used prisoners to replace tags labelled “Made in” to ” Made in USA”.


7. Whole Foods

Do you enjoy the foods made by Whole Foods? Well, there’s a chance what you’re digging into was made behind bars. Some of the premium produce, juice, fish and cheese you buy from Whole Foods are the work of prisoners from western states such as California and Colorado.


8. American Airlines

Have you ever made a reservation through American Airlines? Chances are you were talking to a prisoner. Yes, the airline company uses inmates to take your reservations.



8 Major Companies That Use Prison Labor To Make Their Products


Check out these 8 Major Companies That Use Prison Labor To Make Their Products. Would you buy something know it was made by prisoners?

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