We all try to save money, though not all of us save as much as we would like. These are some steps which can help you maximize your savings without using a lot of effort. In fact, they are probably the simplest–and most effective–ways you can save your cash.

1. Use a piggy bank

Yes, a piggy bank is meant for kids, but it’s just as effective with grown-ups. Think of it this way: how much pocket change do you have each day? Even if it’s just a quarter, keep putting cash into a piggy bank, and don’t even think of taking anything out before six months or a year passes. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve saved.

2. Drink lots of water

Water is as good for your savings as it is for your health. Bottled water is cheaper than soft drinks, while tap water costs next to nothing. If you’re eating out with friends, opting for water instead of soda can save you up to $20. Over time, this adds up.

3. Brew your own coffee

$2 for a cup of coffee might not seem like a lot, but it’s actually around ten times more expensive than just brewing your own coffee. If you stop depending on fast food outlets for your coffee, you could see annual savings of up to $1,000, and maybe more.

4. Lower your TV’s brightness

Full brightness is not necessary for the best visual experience. Full brightness is only needed in a place with plenty of lights, like a supermarket or electronics store. If you tone down the brightness, you can lower its power consumption by anywhere up to 40%.

5. Buy expensive stuff from Ebay

If you simply have to have designer clothes or a UHD TV, Ebay is the best source. There are tons of auctions everyday that will ensure you never spend as much as you would in a regular store.

6. Fly first-class

Yes, this sounds like a contradiction. But if you’re traveling with lots of heavy luggage, the additional costs might surpass the price of a first class ticket. If you’re traveling first class, you are allowed 3 or more bags and 70lbs of luggage.

7. Go pre-paid

Though post-paid on your phone is more convenient, it’s also more expensive. With pre-paid, you become conscious of how much time you’re actually spending making calls. This will prevent you from spending hours on unnecessary–and costly–conversations.

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8. Take the maximum deduction

When you start a new job tell them you want the maximum deduction so that at the end of the year when you file your taxes you get everything you saved back in your refund!

What simple ways do you use to save money?



We cover 8 simple ways, that you can implement immediately to start saving money. They are so simple you probably won’t even notice except for the extra money in your piggy bank, bonus!

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