I love the 90’s just like the next kid, but you must admit there were some things we used to wear that we couldn’t possibly wear now.

Huge jeans shorts that are cropped at the ankles


There is nothing more annoying than sagging pants and in the 90’s huge jeans shorts that were close to the ankles were kind of a thing. We hope this never ever comes back!


Name jewelry

name jewelry

I’ll be dammed if you can tell me what my name is from reading my earings. I don’t know why that was cool back in the day but it was!

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The “Jesus pendant”

jesus peice

Nothing says “I don’t go to church’ this this thing!


Baby Phat and Phat Farm anything

baby phat

Listen, we wont hate on Baby Phat because back in the day you couldn’t tell a girl nothing when she had her burgundy velour suit with baby phat written across her butt. The fact is, you would look crazy if you wore that now, sadly!


Silk shirts


Brothas rocked the mess out of the silk versace or a regular rayon shirt. Those were the days!


Coogie Sweaters

coogie sweater


Biggie made that one famous and Drake tried to bring it back, we aren’t sure we are done with the Coogie sweater but for now. Its a 90’s thing!


Gangsta Looney Toons

gun bunny

For some reason Bugs bunny whispering to his pistol on a shirt just was a good idea! Even Tweety bird used to be gangsta


Cropped down jackets

The Cropped Down Jacket

This little fashion piece was usually sported with the name jewelry we mentioned earlier. Cute but we have to leave the past in the past.

8 Things We Used To Wear In The 90's We Hope Never Come Back


90’s fashion was everything back in the day, but here are 8 fashion things from the 90’s that we hope never come back in style.

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