Your metabolism rate is simply the rate at which your your body does what it needs to do to maintain its life. Your metabolism are all the  biochemical process that occur within your body including that of burning fat.

When you are on a weight-loss journey one of your ultimate goals is to maintain a high metabolism so that you can lose weight faster.

But more than losing weight you want your body to be as efficient as it can by taking good care of it. When you want to boost your metabolism try to do these 8 things.

1. Eat whole organic food and lots of it

Your body feeds on living enzymes so the more organic living food you get in the better your body will function. Eat the energy of the sun by focusing on a plant based diet with lean protein.

2. Never starve yourself

If you want to create confusion and havoc in your body try not eating for a day! You need to constantly feed your body well for it to function or it will compensate for the loss of calories by doing less of certain things and storing more of what you do not want.

3. Work out hard

Your body is meant to be trained, fit and physically challenged. Sweat like nobody s business so that you can release toxins have more energy. The more energy you have the more your metabolism is at work not to mention you will be in the best shape of your life

4. Calculate your calorie burn

Knowing how much you burn is pretty helpful, not for killing yourself at the gym but for ensuring that you are eating enough versus the amount of work you put in daily. You want to eat enough to match your work out level so that your body never feels deprived.

5. Drink water

Staying hydrated is just as important as eating well, help your metabolism to work by keeping your body ‘wet’.  Drink Alkaline Water for best results.

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6. For get about the yo-yo…YO!

No more yo yo dieting, eat whole foods, thats it! No special drinks, no special small processed meals eat like you need to eat for the rest of your life.

7. Lift

Tone your muscles because they have energy to burn fat. Muscle and fat cannot exist in the same place so if you want to get rid of fat you need to build more muscle.

8. Meditate

And finally, free your mind of clutter and anxiety by breathing and meditating. Meditation relieves stress encourages oxygen flow and over all well being. When your mind is clear your body can function the way it should and that includes a super fast metabolism.

8 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Speed Up Weight Loss


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