Being in a relationship is important. But even more important is being happy in that relationship. Sometimes, no matter what we do, the relationship just won’t work and we need to move on. Here are 9 signs of such a relationship.


1. He Doesn’t Call Anymore

When your relationship was still new, he always used to call and text you. But the roles have reversed and now he doesn’t make even a little effort.

You’re the one who has to call and text him, and even when you do, he doesn’t sound as excited as he once was to talk with you. This shows his heart is just not into you and the relationship anymore.


2. Everything’s Boring

He used to be Mr. Romantic and Mr. Seductive. He made you feel like a queen, and every moment with him was special. But now, he’s turned into Mr. Boring. He doesn’t make even a little effort to make you feel like he used to, and it feels like all the romance is gone.


3. You Fight a Lot

Fights are a sign of irritation. If you find yourself annoyed by every little thing he does, you’ll keep having more fights, and things will only get worse. So save yourself the hassle and just break things off.

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4. He Avoids Intimacy

When a guy’s into you, he won’t be able to get his hands off you for long. He’ll use every chance he can get to touch or caress you. But now it feels like you’re strangers. If he loses his focus on you, his mind is on something–or someone–else.


5. You Picture a Future Without Him

We all picture our lives 5, maybe 10 years down the line. If you see yourself on your own or with another man in those visions, you’ve probably already detached yourself from the relationship. Unless a miracle happens, a breakup is imminent.


6. You Prefer Your Own Company

If he cancels a date and you feel relieved, there’s a serious problem in your relationship. The reason you’re together is because you value each other’s company and you’re there for each other. But if seeing each other seems like a hassle, you’re not meant for each other.


7. He Makes Your Decisions

Men like to have a measure of control in relationships. However, you should draw the line if he tries to control everything in your life: what you wear, who you talk to, where you go and how long you should spend with your friends.


8. He Makes Excuses

He might be busy and working a lot, yes. But a man who loves you will always make time for you. If he starts avoiding you or making excuses not to meet you–if you haven’t seen him in weeks, for instance–he’s likely found another girl and is afraid of telling you.


9. He Never Apologizes

Arguments are typical for relationships. And it’s never just one person who’s the cause of it. If he never apologizes and instead throws the blame on you, it’s time to move on; he simply doesn’t appreciate you anymore.

9 Indicators That Your Relationship Is Over


Some relationships might not be worth salvaging and its time to breakup. Here are 9 indicators your relationship might be over.

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