As a so called “cutting edge” brand, Urban Outfitters will often take risks and push the boundaries of taste to say the least.

They have been known to go too far at times and have made some pretty offensive products have really offended some people.

At least they are equal opportunity offenders; no group is safe from from these idiotic clothes or ideas. Here’s just a handful of their more outrageous offenses.

Racist Board Game “Ghettopoly”

Where to start with this one? Based on Monopoly, this game is just plain wrong for so many reasons. One of the chance cards even reads, “Collect $50. You Got Yo Whole Neighborhood Addicted to Crack”. Ugggh.

Kent State Massacre Shirt


In case you’re not familiar with the Kent State incident in 1970, the National Guard shot and killed four students during a Vietnam protest.

UO decided to try to capitalize on the tragedy with this horrific T-shirt. There were more than a few people that were displeased and the story made national headlines.

Drunk Irish stereotypical shirts and hats

White people didn’t escape the wrath of Urban Outfitters either. Some items were so controversial, a leading Irish-American group sued the company for slander.