1. Gorgeous Albino woman and little girl

This photograph is all over social media because of the sheer beauty of these women.


2. The woman with the deformed nosedeformed nose

Found on the IG Roses of NY this beauty was described as exquisite by every person that commented on the picture.


3. The girl with the magic eyesher eyes 4

I do not even know what color to say her eyes are, but this little princess can stop the world with her eyes

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4. Another girl with magic eyesher eyes

I had to close my own eyes for a minute after staring at her picture. How mesmerizing is she?


5. A mothers lovemom and baby

There is beauty all over this picture, this woman is gorgeous and her baby saw what we see before we ever did!


6. The woman with the bald headTraction Aloepecia

This woman is living with Traction Alopecia Gorgeous Albino woman and little girl pecia but you would not even know it. She is absolutely beautiful!


7. Dark skinned beauty queenVitiligo 2 6

Vitiligo is so amazing because it is different on every face. This dark skin girl is on Tumblr, Pinterest Instagram because of how pretty she is.

Then there is this lady, who literally has power written all over her face. Her eyes are two different colors, and she looks like she has African Continent on her eyes. ~ Literally one of a kind!



8. Another little queenVitiligo 2

We are so happy their are women like Winnie Harlow and others who are showing little girls with vitiligo that they are just as gorgeous as anyone else around.


9 Women Who Defy Today's Standards Of Beauty


9 Women Who Defy Today’s Standards Of Beauty

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