The word is quickly spreading — the alkaline diet provides many great health benefits. Not only does it help to keep diseases and illnesses at bay, but it can also help to slow down the effects of aging and help you shed weight. This isn’t just a fad diet either, it’s a lifelong commitment that a lot of people take serious (like me). Losing weight is difficult for many Americans because of the Western diet, simple as that. You take away processed foods, sugar, and other acidic contents from your diet, your body will quickly regulate and start to cleanse itself. The higher your alkalinity, the healthier your body will look and feel. So how can you get started with eating alkaline meals, so that you can have a thinner, healthier body? Here is a starter guide to help you plan out your meals for the day. As you learn more about the different alkaline foods that are available, you should have no problem substituting them into your daily meals.

What your daily meals should consist of on a Alkaline Diet

Since the focus is on weight loss, you want to stay away from starchy foods and keep grains to a minimal. This includes bananas, plantain, green bananas, spelt, kamut and quinoa. Hopefully, you are already familiar with which foods are alkaline and which aren’t. For the most part, it’s about staying away from all animal products (meat and dairy), as well as hybridized fruits and veggies like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, pineapple, cranberries, shiitake mushrooms, potatoes and conventional tomatoes. To help with weight loss, each meal should consist of drinking lots of alkaline or spring water (a gallon daily if possible), three smoothies, and eating lots of water-based veggies and fruits. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to begin. I’ll give you a sample meal plan for one day.

Starting the day with an alkaline breakfast

It’s definitely the most important meal of the day, but before you sit down to eat your alkaline meal, you should start your morning off with a large cup of alkaline or spring water. This will help to flush out toxins that have accumulated overnight and get your metabolism going. You can either drink your smoothie before or after you eat, but should consist of hemp milk or hemp protein, 1/2 TB Irish moss and bladderwrack (helps to shed fat) and flax meal (has fiber). Your sweetener will be date syrup or agave nectar. Then for your meal, you’ll have an energizing bowl of fruit. I would recommend that you go with either berries or melons. Melons have a high content of water (great for weight loss) and berries are high in antioxidants and will help with getting rid of toxins (and fat). Just make sure you don’t mix them together because it will lead to fermentation. Just switch back and forth from berries and melons.

Alkaline snack ideas

To hold you over until lunch time, you can eat again 2-3 hours later (eating frequently keeps your metabolism going and can help shed weight). You want to make sure you drink a liter of alkaline or spring water an hour before or after you eat. Nuts would be a great option because it fills you up. Your alkaline options include Brazil nuts, pine nuts, walnuts or However, you can also choose to eat more fruit, such as peaches, pears or plums (these will help to clean you out nicely). Another smoothie will also help to hold you over. This time, you can have a berry smoothie with date syrup or agave nectar as a sweetener.

Mid-day alkaline lunch

This will take a bit of planning, since you will need to make your own pita bread using spelt flour, but it isn’t hard at all! I like this option because it fills you up and doesn’t take a lot of grain, which is a good thing for your waistline. You can find YouTube videos on how to make it, but all you’re doing is mixing together:

  • 2 cups Spelt Flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 3/4 cup hot water

You cut the dough into eight pieces, flatten them out into a circle and cook them in a clean frying pan (no oil) on medium heat. Watch for the bubbles (takes about 30 sec), then flip. They should have those familiar brown spots on both sides. You continue this until all 8 are done (takes about 10 minutes to cook them all). You can double the mix to make enough for the week. Just freeze them and let them thaw out at room temperature. Don’t put them in the oven or they will turn into crackers (I learned that the hard way!) You can fill your pita bread with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocados (great for shedding belly fat) and lightly fried onions, portabella mushrooms and green and red peppers (use avocado oil). You should also top off your taco with olive or avocado oil. An hour after eating, drink another liter of alkaline or spring water and a hemp seaweed smoothie if you skipped it during snack time.

A hearty alkaline dinner

A couple of hours before you go to sleep, you need to eat dinner. Not a good idea to eat right before you go to sleep. This too is a simple meal, which consists of quinoa grain, which you cook like rice. Add in portabella mushrooms, onions, chickpeas and Himalayan pink sea salt. On the side, you want to have lots of leafy greens like turnips or kale (should be more than 50 percent of your plate), preferably steamed or lightly cooked with sea salt. After you finish cooking, you can pour your prefered oil on top (olive, coconut, tahini, hemp, avocado or walnut). Avoid cooking coconut and olive oils. An hour after, make sure to drink another liter of alkaline or spring water. Then as a late night snack, drink another hemp smoothie with your seaweed mix and flax meal.

These are all quick and easy meal ideas to get you started. There are many delicious alkaline meals that you can eat, depending on your cooking skill level, energy level, budget and enthusiasm to cook from scratch. You’ll find this way of eating to be very great for your energy, weight loss, health, skin, hair and every other part of your body. You go alkaline and you’ll reap all of the benefits, not just one!

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A One Day Weight loss Meal Plan For Beginners On The Alkaline Diet


Are you planning to start the alkaline diet? We have a one day meal plan you can use. earn more about the different alkaline foods that are available.

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