Dear Urban Gyal life can really suck sometimes but there is always a silver lining! Remember when I shared with you with how I was laid off in summer of 2015 well I think I have to add that I didn’t let my circumstances halt my life and I didn’t miss out on an opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful islands of the U.S., Hawaii.

One of my best girlfriends picked up her life and moved to Hawaii a little over a year ago. Her husband is in the army and his current orders are stationed out there.

We were planning a labor day girls trip prior to my unexpected job loss and when that event struck I was forced to make a decision. Either keep my commitment to my friends and do the trip or cancel all together. In the end I decided to go.

I mean I knew that they would understand if I had to say no but in all actuality I wanted to go! I was so excited and didn’t want to put my life on hold due to an unfortunate event that was out of my control.

I’ve traveled a lot in the past and have used my Delta Amex to pay for things like groceries where I quickly pay it off and have added up my Delta Skymiles to cover the flight of the trip.  I literally had to pay $11 in taxes and that was all!

Room and; board was covered due to the fact that I would be staying with my friend so the only thing left was getting money for food and activities.

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I developed a budget and decided I needed at least $350 for the weekend. I then got creative with ways to earn extra money.

I started being more consistent on YouTube where I monetize my content. I also began writing for a few sites which pay by the article and I went through my home and pulled things to sell on apps like Wallapop and Offerup.

In the end I was able to make it work, had an amazing time and still went home with cash in my pocket. Don’t let your current circumstances dictate what you do and where you go in life. If you want to do something find ways to make it happen.


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