Who runs the world? GIRLS! And that is just what a new video released by the toy company, GoldieBlox, is trying to get across.

Fast-Forward Girls 2015 is an initiative to celebrate girl power! The video features young girls dressed up as some of the iconic women of 2015 who have definitely broken the mold.

At GoldieBlox, we champion two things: good old fashioned play, and strong, confident, and creative role models. After all, she can only be it if she can see it.

GoldieBlox is the same company that created the African American superhero doll, Ruby Rails. The action figure was meant to bring awareness to the fact that only 1% of popular films star women of color and only 12% of lead film characters are women. The doll was purposed to also further the notion of girl power by saying what if all super heroes who saved the world were female.

Among the role models in the Fast Forward Girls video you will see Misty Copeland, who was the first black principle dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. There’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was the 2nd woman US Supreme Court Justice who played a role in same-sex marriage ruling by voting for in a 5-4 vote. Also Viola Davis, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce who we’re all most familiar with can be seen in the mix as well.

But the message is deeper that the celebrity or icon itself. It’s their role that they play in society. The girls then hold up cards that read “#ilooklikea..” The end is filled in with the words “engineer” or “entrepreneur” or even a “president”.

I believe the key point behind the video is that girls have the power and capability to do absolutely anything. And this is a message that has to be instilled in our girls at a young age. To know that they are capable. Continue to break stereotypes and step out of the “norm” because we’re taking over. GoldieBlox is onto something and I love it!

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