Rihanna’s dad isn’t very different from alot of men who suffer from some sort of addiction, he has been battling alcoholism for a long time and Rihanna has spent $58,000 on an exclusive Malibu rehab for her dad just a year ago, but is seems he has had a couple of relapses including one just recently the night of her Diamond Ball.

According to the Daily Mail

Ronald – who posed for red carpet photos with Rihanna’s mum Monica before he was told to leave – said: ‘I had Johnny Walker Black. I had two doubles man and tripped over a chair.

‘I had been on the [red] carpet for the pictures, I meet a couple of famous people I knew go and talked with them, and then somebody left a chair and I stepped back and fell over, I saw my ex (Monica) look up, and within a few minutes after the picture was taken, security came up and said “we’re taking you home”.

‘I said “but I haven’t seen my daughter yet”… and they said “don’t matter man”.

‘They said “please do not make a scene it will reflect on your daughter”.’

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Rihanna was yet to arrive at the venue and Ronald suspects it was her mother who spotted him drinking and had him removed.

Sadly he added: ‘When I got back I picked up a bottle of Johnny Walker Black, had a couple and went to sleep.’


He had not even seen his daughter at the time of this interview, he is headed back to Barbados and felt humiliated and sad that he did not get a chance to see his little girl

He said: ‘I’m sad how it ended of course, I should have never taken that first drink or any drink for that matter. I wish I had seen her of course.

‘She will probably hear how I was and how I had a few drinks, so I guess she would be angry with me. I think she is, I’m not sure, we haven’t spoken just yet.’

Asked what possessed him to drink at the event, Ronald claimed he was depressed that his two older children from a previous relationship – Rihanna’s half brother and sister Jamie and Samantha – weren’t invited.

He said: ‘That day of the event I was really down. My other son and daughter in Barbados, Samantha and Jamie, were not invited and they were on my case about it and making me feel bad and guilty. Cousins and everybody on the other side was invited but why wasn’t Jamie and Samantha there? It wasn’t the first time either. I got really down and depressed and that was basically why I started drinking that day.’

Ronald has battled addiction to crack cocaine in the past and has long been a heavy drinker. Although he and Monica divorced when Rihanna was 14 he has remained close to his daughter and her brothers Rorrey and Rajad.

He was asked by the media about Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown, since she ran into her ex recently, to that he said they just exchanges hi’s but she chastised him for talking to Chris Brown and taking pictures with him.

“At the basketball, they just said ‘hi and hello.’ When we was going to the car park he was trying to talk with her but she turned and was talking to somebody else, so he came and talked to me and I had a picture with him. Afterwards Robyn said, ‘dad you really taking pictures with he though?(sic).’

Let her do what she wants to do. This recycling thing don’t work for everything, people don’t ask me if I could go back with Ms. Rihanna-and-her-fatherFenty. Chris is a player, he ain’t ready for no one women[sic] yet, he ain’t ready. He’s a party guy.”

The thing is he is kind of like Chris himself, there might be some truth to the fact that a woman is attracted to a man just like her dad, but at the end of the day we choose who we stick with and what we can tolerate.

Rihanna has alot on her plate when it comes to family and friends, when you are from the Caribbean you have  a yearning to make things better at ‘home’ regardless of where you are in the world or the status you have.

The truth is you can’t save them all, not even the closest people to you. Rihanna called Melissa Forde, Rihanna’s bestie a parasite because she often goes on shopping sprees on Rihanna’s dime, the truth is  Melissa has never gone to the press, and her dad cant say the same for that.

We hope he gets better and mends his relationship with his daughter, at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Featured image: landmarkmedia / Shutterstock.com