According to a Bossip Exclusive:

Angela Simmons’ fiancé and the father of her unborn child received a 12 month restraining order after his ex-girlfriend accused him of “family violence,” BOSSIP has learned.

The girlfriend told authorities that she and Sutton Tennyson had gotten into physical altercations, accused him of vandalizing her car, sending threatening texts, threatening to kill her and people she knew and showed up at her home out blue.

“He threatened my life and the lives of people I know,” the ex – who BOSSIP is not identifying because she is the victim of a crime – said in her Nov. 2006 petition for a stalking temporary protective order.

Sutton tennyson domestic violence complaint

The woman asked the court to make Tennyson stay at least 200 yards away from her and her home and get “psychiatric or psychological services.”

A judge later granted the woman’s request for a 12 month restraining order.

Oh, let me guess… He is different now! – side eye!

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