What is Henna?

Hennia is a paste made from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, or the henna tree.  This henna paste is applied to the skin and left on to dry for approx 10 to 15 minutes.  After removal of the hardened paste, the dye underneath will have transferred to your skin.  Henna is option used in beautifully applied temporary tattoo’s on your body.

Henna as a Beauty Application

Would you apply henna to your eye brows? That answer is easy for me, absolutely yes, yes, yes. If you are familiar with what henna is then it makes perfect sense that if your brows are thinning, this would be the thing to thicken them.

In addition, the tint that henna leaves on your hair is pretty much the same effect on your brows.  Which eliminates the need for eye brow pencils and shadows.

When we read about how the brow technician would apply the henna to the brows we realized how easy it was. It would be very similar it would be if you were applying it to your hair.

To protect the skin, you would apply Vaseline to the areas that you do not want to stain. The tech will shape your brows first and then apply the paste to your shaped brows.

Henna comes in a variety of colors so it is more beneficial to match your hair well so that you do not end up with super dark brows that would make the brows appear too sharp.

When we did the research on the con’s of using henna one of the most common problems is the application of the henna to the brows.

Because henna stains badly and the consistency can be so thick depending on your mix, being very precise in your application can be difficult.

Another issue is that the color does not last long on eyebrows as it would on your hair.  Most women have to re apply every few weeks. To combat these problems we suggest going to a brow technician that can apply the henna for you.  Technicians use the proper precautions such as the Vaseline we mentioned, to protect your skin.

The color fading might be an issue. But, considering henna lasts much longer than pencils and shadows which have to be applied daily it still is a better option.

Watch this video to see how a henna application is done on brows:

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