Girl no! But that’s just me, I like to have nice clear armpits free of hair and debris. The #noshave trend is huge on Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media where women are liberating themselves from the razor.

They are flaunting their armpit hair proudly and some have even opted to add a little color to the fuzz which seems to take the trend into an even more odd direction.

The question is why is this odd? How did the practice of shaving become so culturally rooted in our beauty routines that the thought of having a little hair under our arms completely grosses some of us out?

Like most things, shaving began years ago as a matter of fact it started after 1915 when dresses with straps were starting to hit the scene. According to advertising published then, in order for women to wear the dresses they had to shave.

Since then the act of shaving became part of what women did until today. It was a standard that was set for women and now women all over social media are saying to hec with it, we want to celebrate our body hair just like men do and we ‘do not care what you think’.

hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards and #noshavenoshade are popping up everywhere with credit being given to ‘destinyinhiding’ who has:

‘inspired women everywhere to crush boundaries climb outside of the box of social norms and go hairy and colorful”

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Well here is my opinion, to each his own, having armpit hair is not unhygienic it really is just a matter of preference. Having armpit hair or lack there of does not define you! You arent ‘crushing’ standards because you have some hair under your arms. In other words if you do not shave but you still shape your brows are you in the box or out of the box?

I must add though, it is probably not safe to bleach the hair on one of the most sensitive areas of the body, just saying!

How do you feel about the #noshave armpit trend?

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