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Author: Veronica

Shonda Rhimes is Dropping Teasers For Scandal Season 4

  Where is the watch party at on September 25th? In true Shonda fashion the popular writer has been dropping hints about what we should expect in season 4 of Scandal. We all know Harrison is a goner considering he has gotten himself in a ton of trouble in his real life personal life. Such a shame, but I guess the writing was on the wall, his role left much to be desired for a long time. Shonda told TV guide that it was safe to assume that we have reached the end of Harrison so more than likely...

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Tracy Morgan Speaks Out For The First Time Since His Accident

We have all been waiting for a glimpse or some kind of sound from the Tracy Morgan camp on how he really has been doing especially since he has been released from rehab. For the first time since his tragic accident on the New Jersey turnpike, Tracy Morgan speaks out. He didn’t say much but he appeared in really great spirits as reported by E-News, and gave the photographers a peace sign smiling as he left his home in New Jersey. Paparazzi have been camping outside of the comedian’s home hoping to get a glimpse of him and first...

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