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The 5 Best Natural Hair Apps Every Woman Needs

If you love taking care of your natural hair and you consider yourself tech-savvy, you need these natural hair apps. They can help with anything from tracking hair growth to finding nearby salons. Hit next page to see #1! 1. StyleSeat If you want a stylist who’s nearby and affordable, StyleSeat lets you search for them through their specialty, proximity, recommendations, and likes. It works best if you’re looking for protective hairstyles like crochet braids, Marley twists or regular braids. Because of the affordable pricing, you won’t find the most experienced or sought-after stylists out there, so it’s up to...

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3 Ways to Minimize Natural Hair Shrinkage Without Heat

Despite what a lot of people might say, natural hair shrinkage is not all that bad. In fact, it’s a good sign of high hair elasticity and having healthy hair. That said, you might still want your curls to be long. If so, these tips are for you. They show you how to stretch your curls without using any heat. Hit next page to read on! 1. Banding This is simply using hair ties to softly stretch your hair. To do this, first use your styling products to shampoo and condition your hair. Before it dries, part a section...

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