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Author: Veronica

9 methods of Stretch Mark Removal – Natural, Medical, Surgical Treatments

If you’re tired of having stretch marks, you’re not alone! Many people, women especially, experience stretch marks in their lifetimes. Stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight gain or loss. But ladies, let’s not get too stressed about stress marks.  There’s a quote that I love for this. “Your body is not ruined, you are a fearsome tigress who has earned her stripes.” The 2 types of stretch marks that you see are red stretch marks or white stretch marks.  Red stretch marks as stretch marks that are...

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The Superwoman Turmeric DIY Remedy to Get RID of Stretch Marks

They may not be able to completely get rid of stretch marks, but can help reduce and remove them over time. The moisturizing and healing properties of the natural stretch mark removal creams not only help get rid of the scars, but also beneficial to your skin. Stretch Mark Removal Creams work best for newer versus older stretch marks, and can help reduce and fade stretch marks over time. They reduce the inflammation of the skin and increase the elasticity.   We will take you through some natural remedies, Superwoman At Home Remedy, then a few Topical Treatments. If you...

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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Women – Treatments that Worked!

Good news ladies!! Laser hair removal now works well for people with dark skin color. Laser hair removal technology now works well for african american, asian, and even latino women. No more painful waxing, plucking and shaving for this Urban Gyal! As women, we spend an incredible amount of time on maintaining our body hair.  If you shave, stats have shown that over a woman’s lifetime you will spend approx 58.4 days shaving!!  Not only that, the average reported cost of hair removal across your lifetime is estimated to be up to $10,000.  Shit girl. So with this in...

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5 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin

The best facial Hair removal creams work in just a matter of minutes leaving you feeling smooth and hair free! They may not be permanent, but are a rather painless method that also can leaving your skin hair free.  Facial creams are one of the 6 ways to remove facial hair. However, you need to be especially careful to read the application instructions and not leave too long. It is a chemical that dissolves the hair at the surface of the skin. Due to the chemicals in the hair removal creams, they change the skin pigmentation. So take care...

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Top 10 Ways to Remove Facial Hair for Women

The best ways to get rid of facial hair on women will be painless, permanent, natural, and work on the first treatment. When you find that solution please let me know! Until you finally tell me your secret, I will have to go off what my dermatologists, girlfriends, and I have learned from testing and trying many ways to remove female facial hair. Even though facial hair on women is normal, sometimes it can be quite embarrassing.  My upper lip hair has officially over stayed it’s welcome!  So I put together this list on how to remove facial hair,...

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