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Author: MARSHA

Where’s The Humanity? – How Does The Murder Charge Become The Tragedy?

I saw it as soon as the news broke, but I wasn’t going to talk about it. Yet another time it seemed a case of racial profiling. No I wasn’t going to talk about Michael T. Slager’s cold blooded murder of Walter Scott. With wounds still raw from Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice my heart had just about all it could take. No I’m not American, but this is not unique to America. Besides you don’t need to identify as American to feel it. All it takes is for you to be human. Let’s talk about being human. Humans...

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US Embassy In Jamaica On High Alert After Security Breach Just Days Before Obama’s Visit

The vicinity of the 142 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 in the Liguanea was placed on high alert on April 1, 2015 when a lone white male threw an unidentified object and a backpack over the wall onto the property of the United States Embassy in Kingston Jamaica. It is reported that the man’s action had quickly drawn the attention of the embassy’s security personnel and he was detained after putting up a spirited struggle. Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) arrived on the scene in short order to shore up security outside...

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Women Faking Orgasms Are Pretty Common But It Doesn’t Solve Anything

The female orgasm has long been a topic of interest. Undoubtedly it’s the worst kept secret that many women fake their orgasms so some of the findings of the latest survey done by Cosmopolitan are already  familiar but it’s always good to have numbers to argue with some amount of credibility if the opportunity presents itself. Now we are only revealing a fraction of the survey so for the full report you can check Cosmopolitan. The survey revealed that one third of all women fake it. Of the 2300 participants 67% admitted to putting on a show. Of that number...

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Could You Manage A Shlong? Aisha Dannupawa Had To Get A Divorce Because She Could Not Handle Her Husbands ‘Goods’

So if you’ve had your ears to the ground you would’ve heard about the new studies which have revealed that the United States barely measured up to the average mark for ding-a-ling sizes, coming in at #61 from 80 countries. In a society where many women let on that size is everything this could be quite an indictment on the average American male when it comes to performance in the bedroom.  It has long been speculated that black men have the largest wankers and as evidenced in this one case in Nigeria, the size of the dong can be a...

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Everything Is Going Well And Then He Cheats On You – Why Do Men Cheat?

Love is sweet at the beginning. Your Prince Charming is nothing short of perfect and you are willing to stake that he’s an angel – until he cheats. Then he is the scum of the earth and the devil’s own self and you drive yourself half insane with the question why. Why did he do it? Well according to a survey of two hundred men done by Counselor M. Gary Neuman in his book The Truth About Cheating, the reason is probably not what you think. You know how you’ve always thought that men in general cheat for the thrill of...

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