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Author: Mykel Trent

My Guy Friend Is Into Something I thought He Would Never Be Into

Meet Calen! He is your ordinary, fly, down to earth guy and just as awesome and normal as can be until one day  I found out more than a lot about Calen’s lifestyle or should I say lifestyles! It has been ages since I have seen Calen in person, but I have always somewhat kept up with him on Facebook. At least that is what I thought. One day I was chilling on youtube like I usually do and I was in total disbelief when I ran into a video of Calen on YouTube! My friend the totally awesome...

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My Man Dumped Me For The Silliest Reason Under The Sun

Dear Urban Gyal, you wont believe why I got dumped by a guy I actually was starting to like. It all started out as the perfect love story. Guy meets girl, we connect like never before, we go on several dates, he wines and dines me, and we get to the point where we are comfortable enough to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. One night we are at his place watching a movie and having a good time until I became really sleepy. I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. He looks over at...

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White Man Posts A Selfie Proclaiming His Love For Black Women And Goes Viral

My very first thought of Jacob Michael Mason was “He wants attention and fame. ” As a matter of fact, many women and men have criticized Jacob for having a fetish rather than having true feelings for black women. But I am never the type to draw conclusions before doing in-depth research so I did just that.  I had many questions after running into a random picture of Jacob wearing a shirt that reads I love chocolate girls. I had questions, so I dug for answers. I ran through all of Jacob’s social media sites and I learned why...

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Everything You Should Know About Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Spat On Twitter

On Tuesday the MTV Video Music Awards released some nominations to prepare their viewers for the upcoming show. The nominees for the Video of The Year award was shown. Unexpectedly, one artist was missing from the category: Nicki Minaj. You would think her “Anaconda” video would be up for nomination. NOT. This obviously did not sit well with Ms. Minaj. Nicki took her thoughts Twitter. “If I was a different ‘kind’ of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well,” said Minaj. “Black women influence pop culture so much but are rarely...

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10 Mantra’s Every Girl Should Live By

Life is a beautiful thing and even though things can get tough it helps to focus on the beauty of life and situations. Many of us have mantra’s that we live by. Check out our 10 mantra’s to live by especially when times get tough and you question if the road you are on is the right one: Here are 10 Mantra’s to use Everyday: You should remind yourself of these every day: Where you are from does not always determine what you can achieve in life. There are many ways of inspiring yourself and others, stay passionate. Be...

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