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Author: safiyaelle

If Gay Marriage Is Legal, Shouldn’t Polygamy Be Legal As Well?

I can hear an uproar from women all over America when topics like polygamy are brought up. It’s taboo, sinful and a host of other things that people have conjured up over the decades. The same goes for gay marriage — a lot of people are for it, but just as many are against it for the same reasons they omit polygamy — it’s against God. But is it? Polygamy, as we know, is mentioned throughout the bible, and for Christians, Muslims and Jews to turn it down is more of an opinion and personal belief than facts based...

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Are New Moms Going Overboard With Hiring Glam Squads Immediately After Childbirth?

This is a topic that I had to discuss because not only do I have five children, but I recently gave birth two weeks ago and had similar worries on my mind — looking a hot mess holding a beautiful newborn baby. Even though I’m not much into pictures, I still wanted to be decent looking because I’m self-conscious like that. But what I’ve been reading about new moms hiring an entire glam squad to come into their hospital rooms immediately after birth to do their hair and makeup is ridiculous. I understand you don’t want to be plastered...

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How To Permanently Remove Facial Hair With Turmeric And Sea Salt

For centuries, turmeric has been used in ayurvedic medicine for various ailments, but it has also been used for beauty remedies, including the removal of body hair.  The benefits are turmeric are astounding! Turmeric can be used for unwanted facial hair, as well as hair on other parts of the body, such as the underarms, arms and legs. There are different methods for turmeric use, which is dependent upon whether the hair you’re trying to remove is dense or thin. The way turmeric works is by slowing down hair growth. So over time, with continued use, you will notice...

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Try This DIY Sugar Wax To Remove Hair Naturally

If you’re tired of shaving your legs, waxing is the next best option. A lot of people are afraid of waxing because of the pain involved, but with this DIY sugar wax remedy, you can remove the hair without all the pain. Folks who have tried this have had excellent results and say the pain is much less than a typical wax. Sugar waxing has been around for a very long time and has been popularly used in Egypt and Lebanon. So if you’re looking to stay clear of harsh chemicals and still get smooth legs and arms, then...

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Natural Tips to Regrow Your Lashes and Brows Quickly

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to be born with luscious thick eyebrows and thick long eyelashes. Like most women, I used to glob on mascara to achieve the bashful look, but I personally hated the clumpy goo that mascara created. Not to mention, living in Florida where sweat could easily smear your makeup without you knowing. I’ve been embarrassed a few times with raccoon eyes due to humidity. I also was an avid eyebrow liner wearer, even long after I finally let go of mascara products. I grew to accept my eyelashes as is, but never quite...

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