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Author: safiyaelle

Are Vaccines An Attack On The African American Community?

I’ll let you be the judge of that question, as we explore the data that has emerged regarding the mental and health state of blacks in America who have received vaccinations that are mandated by the CDC. I can tell you now that I, for one, do not vaccinate my children because of what I’ve learned and the incident with my first born son, who doctors thought were autistic because of his agitated behavior and inability to speak clearly. I can also tell you that his mental development slowed down tremendously after receiving certain shots, including the MMR and...

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How To Formulate A Detox Tea To Cleanse Your Whole Body

Cleansing your entire system is key to having a healthy body. I always see products being promoted for colon cleansing, which leads people to believe that that’s the only area that needs to be detoxed. Sure, the colon is actually where a lot of diseases stem from and having it detoxified is key to healing and staying healthy, but what about your kidneys, liver and endocrine system (i.e. adrenal and thyroid glands)? These are your body’s natural detox and hormonal balancing mechanisms. I also notice that most people who look for a detox are either sick or overweight, but...

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How To Choose The Best Clays For Your Skin Type

Clay masks have been a staple of my skincare regimen over the past five years. After becoming a vegan on the alkaline diet, I was able to finally balance out my oily skin and stop breakouts. But before then, clay masks helped to quickly clear up my skin from my frequent flare-ups. With continued use, I was able to keep a handle on my breakouts as well. I love to use a variety of clays for my skin and I found that a combination works best for me. But if you are still looking for the perfect one or...

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How To Do A Coconut Oil Detox to Combat Parasites, Fungus And Bacterial Infections

There are many different ways your body can come under attack by parasites, bacterium and fungi. If you are a meat eater, properly storing, preparing and cooking your meat is very important. If you’re not careful, you could end up getting infected with worms and parasites, which can go unnoticed for a very long time. There are likely hundreds of thousands of people living with parasites right now and they don’t even know it! Then there’s the rest of us who come into contact with bacteria or contract fungal infections, such as the infamous yeast infection. But whatever your case may be, getting rid of the problem can be done naturally. So before resorting to pills, creams and gels, you should consort with nature first. In this instance, coconut oil is the miracle cure for these ailments and have been for many, many years. The detoxifying benefits of coconut oil A lot of us are most familiar with coconut oil for its beautifying benefits. It’s awesome for hair and skin, and some of us even cook with it because of its health benefits. But few of us are aware that it can be used for detoxing the entire body. It’s why I promote oil pulling, which is when you swish coconut oil in your mouth to get rid of harmful bacteria. You can also get rid of such bacterial...

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Say Goodbye to Acne Forever by Changing What You Eat

When I first started breaking out from acne when I was 10 years old, my parents bought me all sorts of cosmetic products that promised to clear them away. Of course, nothing I used worked and by the time I became a teenager, I felt hopeless. I was made to believe that this was a natural part of growing up and that they would go away once my hormones balanced out. Only one part of that was actually true — once I stabilized my hormones, my skin would stop breaking out. However, it wasn’t going to do it on...

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