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Author: Vanessa

I Walked Away From My Job Without Another One Lined Up

December 2014. I was working as a research analyst in a lab at one of the most prestigious medical centers and universities in the country. Only thing is I had been there for a year and was extremely unhappy. I was comfortable but bored and not doing what I felt my purpose was. I once heard a quote that says, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from whatever no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.” That was exactly what I was planning to do. Now you may stop here and say ok Vanessa.. why would you...

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Micellar Water Has Saved My Once Very Oily-To- Combination Skin

Dear Urban Gyal, I have to tell you about Micellar water! If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly chasing the new skincare trends trying to get close to perfect skin. I suffer from oily-to-combination skin with occasional breakouts. While you won’t find me purchasing gold for an outrageous amount of money in attempts to reduce the puffiness under my eyes, I will instead pick up an affordable natural cleanser to eliminate dirt and oil from my pores. And that is why I picked up Micellar water. I love keeping up with beauty trends and have seen a few of my...

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My Best Friend Is Dating A Clown And There Is Nothing I Can Do About It

One of the hardest responsibilities as a good friend is sticking by and watching while your best friend runs back and forth with a no good guy. That is a current situation I’m facing. Although I am in no way saying I have it all together and haven’t made poor choices when it comes to men, being an outsider of a toxic situation makes me want to scream and shake her! My friend, let’s call her “Ashley”, started dating this guy in 2015. During the course of their relationship and even thereafter he has been extremely disrespectful, rude, and completely...

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“We’ve Could’ve Been Raped” – My Biggest College Mistake

“How could we have been so stupid?” That’s a question I repeat over and over in my head when I think about my only college regret. I’m sure just about everyone has moments that they think back on where they can’t believe they did “that”. Mine revolves around a situation that could have ended very badly. Circa junior year of college. Friday nights consisted of going out at the hottest rooftop lounge downtown. Ladies were free, the men were friendly and we always ended up in someone’s VIP booth with free drinks. Two of my friends and I (lets call...

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5 Tips For Getting On Top Of Your Savings

Life can hit hard and unexpectedly sometimes which is all the more reasons to get on top of your finances including your savings. Here are 5 simple ways for getting a little more control over how much you are saving each month. 1. Set Goals What is the purpose for you saving? Emergency fund? Vacation? New car? Whatever the case set your goal and write down your numbers. 2. Determine How Much You Can Afford To Save Next determine how much you can save by figuring out how much you have left after fixed expenses (rent, car payment etc) and...

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