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Author: Vanessa

3 Ways To KickStart Your New Year NOW!

As we begin to count down the days to the New Year we start to anticipate making plans for New Years Resolutions. But know that you don’t have to wait to December 31st to get your plans together for 2016. Start Now! 1. Take Inventory Start by revisiting your 2015 goals and reflect. What did you accomplish? What did you start and unfortunately didn’t finish? What did you learn? Take a moment to write down the answers to all of these questions. It’s where to start for next year. 2. Plan Planning is essential. Find a tool that works for you to...

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15 Beauty Tips All Women Should Follow

1. Fill lips with lip liner to make your lip stick last  Using lip liner as a base to lipstick keeps it long-lasting through those cocktails! 2. Never Sleep In Makeup I know it can be hard after a long day but your skin will thank you for it later. Sleeping in makeup leads to aging skin and blemishes. 3. Keep Your Skin Moisturized Whatever your skin type is, ensure your are keeping your skin all over your body properly moisturized. I recommend adding a lotion or oil fresh out of the shower while your skin is still moist. 4. Invest in a Good Multi-Vitamin One of the most important contributors to beauty is making sure your insides are up to par. Make sure your getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins by picking up a multi-vitamin specifically for women. 5. Satin Bonnet/Pillowcase is Bae Never go to sleep without protecting your hair. 6. Sunscreen is Mandatory. Always remember to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 7. Shave with Coconut Oil Pure coconut oil has antibacterial properties that protect against razor burn and it also overs optimal moisturizing benefits. 8. Water by The Liter Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Increase your intake and see the difference in your skin. 9. Clean your Makeup Brushes Remember to clean your makeup brushes at least weekly to eliminate product build...

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Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong Woman In The Miss Universe Competition

Can you imagined being crowned Miss Universe at THE largest pageant in the entire world only to have your crown removed due to an announcement mistake? On LIVE television?! Well that’s what happened at Sunday’s Miss Universe Pageant. It was down to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. “And the 2015 Miss Universe is…..” Announcer and pageant host, Steve Harvey, announced that the 2015 Miss Universe was going to Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. Just as she was wiping away tears of joy as the $30,000 blue diamond and topaz crown was placed upon her head thinking she had won the title...

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New Startup Company Will Help Pay For Your Wedding

Many people have dreamed of that special day when you marry the person who you love. Some have even picked out all of the little details even before getting in a relationship. Weddings are big! But unfortunately many times life happens and your find yourself bombarded with student loans, bills or unexpected expenses that leave you with a bare to none wedding budget. Well Swanluv wants to help you make your wedding dreams come true by offering you financial assistance at no cost to you. Only catch is, if you get divorced you have to pay back the money plus accrued interest. According to...

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How I Survived 2 Layoffs Before 26

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, because of you I didn’t give up.” I’ve been laid off…twice! Kind of hard to believe being that I’m only in my mid-20s and should be rooting myself within my career. As a scientist who had already been laid off once in 2013 due to an unexpected lab closing, once I got back on my feet I felt like everything would finally fall back into place. Here I was following my dreams. 2015. Meeting awesome people and being trained by one of the best. So...

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