If we are really going to do this “support black business” thing we really have to do it and let the first thing I say before even giving you the back story, is that Alissa Ashley was way out of line!

Beauty Vlogger Alissa Ashley has a huge following for being relatively new to the scene, without going through the trouble of quoting her numbers, her talent does speak for itself.

With that said brands have been good to her, they have sent her tons of products to do makeup looks with as they do with so many other beauty vloggers on youtube and on Instagram.

Recently Alissa joined the BOMB challenge where she did looks using only make up from black-owned makeup companies and all the vloggers that did it got a ton of love.

Alissa came under fire when she posted a text conversation she was having with one particular company that she wanted to get a palette from for free and they said no!

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Juvia’s Place the company she was soliciting posted their own message in response to Alissa’s rant on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.39.01 PM

Alissa has deleted her tweets but her followers would not let it go:

We agree with the general sentiment of Twitter, how dare you pretend as if you are supporting a black owned company knowing fully well you are getting paid through views and behind the scenes trying to bully a small company into giving you free stuff.