Bentonite Clay and facial clay powders have become my new favorite go-to beauty ingredient. At first I tried this as a remedy for my never ending acne and acne scars.  When bentonite clay actually worked for me, I was stunned.  Plus there are many more benefits of bentonite clay that you can use in numerous areas of your beauty and health routine.  After years of trying chemical spot treatments, product after product, I was shocked that the remedy was well, dirt.

But that’s why I came around to love clay powder.  It’s natural, there’s no additives, no chemicals, no fragrances, no gmo’s, nothing altered.  Taking us back to the basic’s, it’s just a special dirt.  Please don’t go rushing outside to the garden to grab some dirt to go on your face, it won’t work the same.

There are many types of clays, the most popular being French Green clay, Rhassoul Clay, Kaolin Clay, and bentonite clay.  The reason that these clays are so beneficial is that they have a very high concentration of mineral content including sources of silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium.  But even more beneficial is their unique absorption and adsorption capabilities. That gives them the amazing capability to attract negative toxins, chemicals, and bacteria.

A lot of women, put make up on everyday, a cocktail of different chemicals that are applied to your face daily.  Using a facial mask twice a week can be a really effective way to absorb and remove those chemicals that your daily cleanser might have missed and left behind.

Before I introduce you to the wonderful world of Bentonite Clay, I will preface it with this, some people do consume Bentonite clay, aka they eat it. I get the science and benefits of why you would, but I haven’t tried it myself, so my information is for Bentonite used in your beauty and healthy skin care routines externally.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is a “Montmorillonite”, part of the smectite group, made from aged volcanic ash. The largest deposit of Bentonite Clay is found in Wyoming, USA, with deposits all around the world.

Natural clay has a natural negative charge.  When activated with liquid, the negative charge attracts positively charged ions to it, just like a magnet.  This “electric charge” doesn’t happen when the clay is in powdered form, but only when activated with liquid, creating many nooks and crannies in the clay that expand and absorb.

What is the Difference between Absorption and Adsorption?

The process of attracting those positively charged ions can be through absorportion or adsorption. In simplest terms, absorption is the process of dissolving a liquid or solid.  Adsorption is the process of ions or molecules adhering to the surface.

The two most popular types of Bentonite Clay are Sodium Bentonite Clay and Calcium Bentonite Clay.  The main difference between the 2 is the absorption and adsorption capabilities and the minerals they are supercharged with.

Calcium Bentonite clay, the more popular clay available, has a crazy strong absorption process. Once the clay has absorbed the toxins, it’s staying there.  It absorbs impurities so well, it can even remove flouride from water.  After it has absorbed impurities, it leaves calcium and other minerals behind in it’s place.

Sodium Bentonite clay, uses an adsorption process which isn’t as strong as the absorption process. Think about a magnet sticking to a fridge, it can easily be knocked off the fridge.  Whereas an impurity that has been absorbed is not as easily knocked off.  When removed, sodium bentonite leaves sodium, rehydrating your skin as a natural electrolyte.

This is one of my favorite beauty blogger youtubers and she killed it in the explaining how bentonite clay works in a visual way:

What are the Benefits of Benetonite Clay?

Ok, so there’s the “why” it works. If you are a nerd like me, I like to first understand how the product works before just applying anything to my face or body.  So now here’s why you should, and keep reading afterwards for ways to take advantage of these benefits.

I Use This Product EVERY Week! 

To my gyals, clay has cured my skin of years of acne proned skin, improved my complexion, acne scars and shrunk my pores. This is the best clay mask assortment pack to try all  my favorite kinds of clay + it's affordable. 

  • Detoxify. The super strong absorption process attracts impurities, toxins, bacteria and chemicals.  It forms a strong bond between the clay and when the clay is removed from your skin, those impurities are also removed with it.  You can detoxify with Bentonite Clay by many methods, through a face mask, a detox bath, a poultice or an armpit detox.
  • Mineralization. Both sodium or calcium bentonite clay contain a cocktail of minerals. So when applied to your body, it leaves behind minerals that are super good for your skin.
  • Improve Acne, Acne Scars and Skin complexion. Why I fell in love with facial clay powders.  I first started this journey by applying Bentonite Clay daily for 5 days straight to allow my skin to fully detox.  Since facial clay powders for acne have been a regular part of my weekly skin care routine.
  • Deep Pore Cleansing and Minimize the Size of Pores.  When applied as a clay mask, the mask will tighten your skin and pull the bacteria from deep in your pores.  This shrinks your pores and their appearance but also prevents further build up of dirt and impurities.
  • Eczema. My sister has suffered from eczema for years, linked to food allergies, and now her son also suffers from them too.  After giving her
  • Treating itches, bug bites, scrapes, burns. Apply as a poultice to skin ailments.

What is a Poultice VS a Mask

First of all, if your like me, what the heck is a poultice?  It’s a soft mass of material/clay usually held together with a cloth and applied to the body to remove soreness or inflamation.  A mask is applied in approximately 1/8 inch thickness.

How to Use Bentonite Clay

The way I discovered the benefits of clay was through a facial clay mask.  Which has continued to be my go-to way to get the benefits from clay.  BUT there are so many more awesome ways to use Bentonite clay.

How to Use Bentonite Clay

I’ve been talking about how awesome the absorption process of metals, toxins and the like. SO make sure that you don’t use metal utensils or bowls when mixing up your clay.   When the clay is being mixed with water and makes contact with metal it will absorb the metals of that contact, making it less effective when applied to your body.

Where to buy Bentonite Clay

If this is your “entry” into the wonderful  wordld of clays, bentonite is not the only one.  My other favorites are Rhassoul clay, French Green Clay, and Kaolin Clay.  My favorite starter pack is an assortment pack of 4 clays.  Some clays are better than others for different skin types, here’s how to mix clay for your skin type.

10 Reasons to Use Bentonite Clay in your Beauty Routine


Bentonite clay has changed my world, my daily beauty routine world that it. Learn how to use this magic clay for 10 different benefits to have your skin and hair feeling it’s best. Works with Acne, Acne Scars, Eczema, Large Pores, Detoxification.

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