For those of you who love travelling, we totally understand because we know that it can be quite addictive. The world is pretty much our classroom and we all need to explore and learn as much as we can from it.

Whether you are travelling abroad or right here in the United States, there is a lot to learn, see and experience so we thought we would help you get smart while traveling and suggest some ways to save money.

Here are some brilliant, overlooked ways to save money for the next time you book a getaway!

Book a vacation package

Vacation packages are quite convenient. I recently booked a trip to South Beach Miami, Florida for a good price of $375. Yes… $375, and guess what? That wasn’t just a flight.

It was $375 for flight AND hotel together! You can book packages on travel sites like Expedia where they allow you to choose the dates, hotel, flight times, etc. $375 flight/hotel for a week was hard to pass up!

Book apartments or condos with friends

Websites like Airbnb, Homeaway, and Flipkey gives you the best deals on booking condos, treehouses, full houses, mansions, apartments, boats in over 200 countries.

My friends and I did a week in New York City a few months ago and booked an entire studio apartment with 2 bedrooms for only $100 a night in Manhattan.


If you want to travel you have to shift your priorities. Maybe you do not need a huge apartment if you do not plan to be their very often.

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Maybe you can save some cash from monthly shopping sprees or you can for go having a very expensive television package.

If you make traveling a priority, it will happen, just do it!

Use your resources and by that we mean APPS!!

Download apps like Uber, Yelp, Amazon, Tripadvisor,, Eat 24 and Hotel Tonight just to name a few that can help you with booking emergency hotel stays, cool places to eat, and deals!

There are several apps and resources on the internet that helps you save money while on the go. Uber is my best friend whenever I travel.

The flat rates are far cheaper than any regular taxi ride. I spent an hour in traffic in the Uber driver’s car getting to the other side of Miami and only paid $2.

Amazon is great for bus tour deals as well, just do your research before you head off on your adventure.

If you are going solo, here’s 8 tips for Women Travelling Alone or how to save up to $200 travel tips.

Happy Travels!

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