You may have noticed how easy it is to gain water weight around the midsection. It can be a little depressing, especially when you want to look awesome in that slimming summer dress.

Sure, there are quick fixes such as girdles, and other slimming clothing out there on the market but why rely on and become totally dependent on them when you can eliminate the problem yourself.

If you’re determined to find something that will nix the bloating, you probably discovered water pills. But lets face it; there are just too many warnings on the back of a box of diuretics that make things a little scary.

Lets opt for something a little more natural.

Lemon Juice

Since processed foods are high sodium, they can lead to bloating. You may also experience some bloating due to your period, poor digestion, middle age, or even from a hormonal imbalance.

Enriched with proteins, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B & C, Lemon juice has the ability to quickly and effectively break down food that otherwise can lead to gas and bloating. As a natural diuretic containing citric acid, lemon juice can also reduce the amount of salt your body retains. Mimicking saliva, bile, and stomach acid, lemon juice contains more positive ions than negative.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t just for hair and cooking. I’ve found it to be another good remedy for water gain. Sometimes I’ll mix lemon juice, water and ACV together because the results are definitely noticeable.

One of the benefits of ACV is its high potassium content. Working to detoxify your body, eliminate waste and breaking down fats.

Don’t forget to purchase raw apple cider vinegar, containing enzymes, which make up healthy bacteria and other nutrients.

You can drink your mix first thing in the morning before you start your day for a energy boost!