“Wait, you mean to tell me that at over 30, ya’ll bitches still fighting in tha club?” To be honest without even knowing why a fight even broke out, you have to wonder if there will ever be a time where the answer to a disagreement wont be a bottle of Vodka being smashed on top of another woman’s head.

Two nights ago at Pier 40 in Manhatten Melyssa Ford and Geneva Thomas got into a bit of a spat, which resulted in Geneva hitting Melyssa in the head with a bottle of Vodka .

Melyssa was taken to the hospital and received three staples to close her wounds. Geneva was arrested and booked for felony assault. To me this is some serious shit but even on Facebook commentors are making light of it:

Bless her Holiday Heart…..she was tired of the girls calling her Ving Rhames, and Wesley Snipes…..she was tired of y’all clownin her thirsty thin lace fronts with the peek a boo China bangs….it was too much for her *sips tea*

You know what when ya’ll get it together and by “ya’ll” I mean every black woman who runs out to do a reality show, you will realize that these networks only think of you as clowns.

They know that if they put a few hot headed broads or bitches (pick one) together they would have a fight at some point that will make for great television. Even though this hasn’t aired yet, you better believe it will be, and it will be huge for Bravo.

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It reminds me of a cock fight, except these are chickens, and these women who walk around with all the intelligence, and drive  in the world are really just living a lie.

When it comes down to it they are all disrespectful towards themselves and down right embarrassing. Hopefully if you are reading this, you can believe despite the continuous evidence of bad behavior in black women, that some of us are truly respectable, some of us are very smart, and some of us can go to the club have a drink and not try to commit murder on a random Thursday night.