Back fat is a real problem for many of us girls so finding a few exercises that target the back is imperative whenever you want to get rid of that pesky back fat.

I love Kettle bells because they give you range of motion and force you to work the muscle as you would in real life. While we all love our stationary machines you are often kept in one position for the exercise to work which is great for targeting but not overall work.

The two Kettle bell exercises you can try are for back fat elimination are the following:

Single Arm Kettle Bell Row

Form is very important for any kettle bell work out so get in position resting arm on your knee with your other leg extended. Lift the kettle bell with your shoulder first and then allow the rest of your arm to do the work.

You will feel it in your lats, upper back and lower back. Do at least 10 reps on each side depending on the weight you chose. Increase the weight as you get better.

Watch this simple demonstration:

Kettle bell Full Snatch

This is a very fluid move, it includes a kettlebell swing and then a drive all to the top of your head. Form again is really important and it helps to start very slow so that you are not swinging the bell on to your wrist. Use a light weight to perfect the movement once you see the demonstration.

The thrust of your hip and the clean and press move is perfect for you lower back, upper back and shoulders. Watch the video below for a demonstration:


Planks are really great for your entire core area and are a great finishing exercise once you have completed all your back exercises.

Use your phone to time your plank and increase the minutes for each set that you do. That’s it! Please remember to stretch after every exercise session especially your back, shoulders and arms.