BBWLA-Brittish-Calls-Draya-A-Whore-0219-1Petty labelle! According to Bossip Brittish Williams told them why she purchased the trademark for her #BBWLA costar Draya Michele’s company Mint Swim.

According to Bossip:


Brittish she has no hard feelings towards her—even after she pettily bought the trademark to her company.

On her current feelings on Draya:

“I don’t have hate in my heart for anyone. I don’t see her, I don’t talk to her. I gave her her company back. […] I really hope the  best for her, I love her new line.”

On buying the trademark to Draya’s Mint Swim:

“She was coming for my company, saying something smart on Twitter because I think had some issues with complaints because my company has made over $1.5 million and we’ve been open for three years,” said Brittish. “When she came for me I was like ‘oh we’re gonna talk about companies?’ I told my lawyer to look up her company and see if everything’s legit.

He was like ‘there’s no trademark, the brand isn’t trademarked.’  I was like ‘buy it, I wanna buy it.’ The point was for the reunion if she came for me I was gonna be like, ‘well who owns the rights to your company’ but she didn’t come because she’s always scary.

On being blackballed from #BBWLA because of Draya:

“That’s why I didn’t come back for Basketball Wives season 4 because she was like, ‘I’m not working with her. She did the unthinkable.’ It’s not unthinkable when you don’t have common sense to trademark your brand.”

If you have a business make sure you have everything together or you might lose it if you make a petty princess mad!