After seven months of being together the couple quickly got married, according to US Weekly’s report. 42-year-old “Sex Tape” actress Diaz is ready to be a wife. Holiday spirits must have encouraged 35-year-old Benji Madden to pop the question. Reportedly, they got engaged on December 19.

‘The Other Woman” actress Cameron Diaz has been wearing a gigantic engagement ring since December and the couple moved super fast to get the marriage done.

This time last year they were not even together. They have only been dating since May. Sources report that they had a rehearsal dinner on January 4 in Beverly Hills. On arrival, they handed the guests celebratory drinks before the dinner started around seven pm. The wedding ceremony took place in a Beverly Hills mansion.

Looks like Good Charlotte rocker is not so involved in the wedding planning stuff. Florists, caterers, and beverage warehouses are invading Cameron’s house. We were sure it was going to be a great wedding party since Cameron is a very tasteful lady!

Sources close to Cameron are saying that she is extremely happy and never talked about marriage before with a guy other than Benji Madden.

We know that Cameron was saying she is not the marrying kind. Seems like things have changed for our Hollywood princess. Looks like they do not see the age difference as a problem between them.

It’s like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore all over again. Let’s hope they do not end up like them. Too bad there is a little height difference between the couple since Cameron is little bit taller than Benji but that’s not uncommon these days, Kevin Hart and his beau have a distinct height difference as well.

Well we will see how this goes we all know the reputation of a Hollywood marriage, we wish them nothing but the absolute best.

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