I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to be born with luscious thick eyebrows and thick long eyelashes. Like most women, I used to glob on mascara to achieve the bashful look, but I personally hated the clumpy goo that mascara created. Not to mention, living in Florida where sweat could easily smear your makeup without you knowing. I’ve been embarrassed a few times with raccoon eyes due to humidity.

I also was an avid eyebrow liner wearer, even long after I finally let go of mascara products. I grew to accept my eyelashes as is, but never quite got over my barely there eyebrows. Then when I transitioned to a natural lifestyle, I stumbled across some information about thickening your lashes and brows using natural remedies. So last year, I decided to test it out for myself and actually saw results.

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Castor oil for Eyebrows 

The secret ingredients I used were castor oil and aloe vera mixed together. You’ve likely already heard of castor oil being used for hair thinning, which is why it works so great at regrowing your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Both are packed with vitamin E, which is essential for your skin. And without healthy skin, your hair won’t be able to sustain itself. This is why so many people who have dry scalp have issues with balding and hair fall.

I tested out this remedy for a month and saw my eyebrows thicken in the areas where they naturally grow. Now, it won’t make hair appear where it shouldn’t, so you don’t have to worry about that. It simply moisturizes the skin, nourishing it so that it can maintain hair growth in that area.

I also used it on my lashes and they too started to thicken and lengthen. It was at this time when I noticed that when I washed my face with a rag, lashes and brow strands tended to fall off. This is likely why I was having issues with patchy eyebrows and lashes — that and not properly moisturizing them after washing with soap and using clay masks. I naturally have oily skin, so I tend to avoid using oils on my face.

How to regrow your eyebrows and eyelashes using castor oil and aloe vera

If you have yet to try this remedy, it’s easy to do. You can use a clean mascara brush to apply the mix to your eyelashes.

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You want to make sure to get the actual eyelids as well because that’s where the problem area lies. You keep that moisturized so that the hairs that sprout through won’t fall off. I used my pinky to apply the oil to my lashes and that worked just fine.

You can use your finger or a brush to apply the castor oil and aloe vera to your eyebrows as well. Massage the oil into your eyebrow and lids gently to avoid pulling out anymore hair. You do this method at night before going to sleep, so that you don’t have to walk around with shiny eyes and forehead.

There are a couple different serum recipes you can use for eyebrow growth.  Another is a diy eyebrow growth serum using castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil.

Tips for preventing thinning eyebrows and lashes

Some people create their own lash and brow problems. If you once had thick lashes and brows, but succumbed to bad beauty habits, then it’s time to make some changes to your regimen. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re trying to thicken your eyelashes and eyebrows:

Obviously, you want to refrain from plucking and waxing your eyebrows. When you do this too often, it can cause the hairs to grow back slower and slower, and sometimes not at all. This is one of the main causes of most people’s issues with thinning brows.

Avoid wearing mascara and other makeup that can dry out your skin around the eyes. Fake eyelashes should also not be worn.

Use natural eyebrow pencils to help fill in your brows until they grow back.

Try using an eyebrow razor on the areas that you want to grow. We all know how hairy we tend to get on the areas we shave. This will help to stimulate hair growth.

Exfoliate your brows using a soft tooth brush. This too helps with hair growth stimulation.

Make sure you’re eating healthy. A poor diet can prevent you from growing hair on your head and other places on your body. Include a lot of fresh fruits and veggies in your daily meals and drink nutritional smoothies with seaweeds like kelp.

How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?

The end goal is different for everyone, depending on how bad your situation is. But most people, including myself, have seen growth in as little as two weeks. So within a month, you should definitely see some great improvements in the thickness of your brows and lashes.

Are you having issues with thin eyebrows and lashes? What are you doing to thicken them?

Natural Tips for Lashes and Eyebrow ReGrowth, Quickly


Are you having issues with thin eyebrows and lashes? What are you doing to thicken them? Here are the best natural ways to eyelashes and eyebrow growth, quickly.

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