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15 Of The Hottest Men from Instagram’s MenAndCoffee

@ryyoung First thing in the morning. @brosbeingbasic “People think mornings are hard..but not when you look like this”@jckrawiec Take in the beauty of the world.@josephcannats Reading is by @briannadprice Concentrate.@smithculberson puppy love.@menandcoffee Any more coffee?@menandcoffee quiet days.@menandcoffee morning reads.@menandcoffee focus.@trent_olans Bathtub sippin.@rustybeukes Coffee in Cape Town.@wemcycle Mornings are rough without...

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10 Creative Date Night Ideas You Gotta Try

Go to a shooting rangeBrowse a used bookstore and talk about your favsSign up for a Color RunGo on a romantic picnicGo for a run or hike on a new trailGo strawberry pickingLearn a new hobbyGet lost in a corn mazeGo horseback...

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16 Crazy Tattoo Fails You Have To See To Believe

Double negative…. Well….He’s always watching you?Hmm.. You’re*I wonder how things are going with Laura..Kitty Brows?I’m sure his intentions were well…Maybe there’s an “E” on is thumb?He tried it…Maybe it was his kids drawing?No. Just No.Well I guess it does..I hope he regrets* this!Obviously not at...

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