black women super heroesHave you ever thought about how cool it would be to have real life black women superhero?! Me too! And so did lifestyle blogger  Paola Mathé who decided to bring the idea to life.

Mathe’ currently resides in Harlem and owns the company Fanm Djanm which focuses on the strength of all women through African inspired fashion and head wraps.

She grabbed three of her friends  CacsmyKristia, and Nichole and creative NYC photographer, Aaron of NYC_Underground, who all agreed to jump on board.

They headed to the subway and shot a beautiful photo series.

black girl super heroes

Beautiful women, ultra short to shaved hair, dressed in all black with bold lips and ready to make a statement.

Mathe’ states their mission as, “We fight for those who are told their tears don’t matter. Where the police hurt more than serve, and eating establishments are built just to shorten the lives of the community. We fight for the strong who have been stripped of their powers. We fight for the invisible.”

As far as inspiration behind the concept, Mathe’ told ForHarriett that when daydreaming she thought “what if there was a super hero squad where all of the heroes happened to be bald black women who fought injustice and crimes against women who are invisible in society?”


No greater time than now wouldn’t you agree?

What I love about the quad most is that one of the beauties, Cacsmy, is a cancer survivor and an amputee. To me this shows that you can’t let minor obstacles set you back. She fought cancer and she’ll fight for you!

But in all actuality, I personally believe that the piece is less about the actual “fight” and more so about having confidence to surround ourselves women of color and uplift those around us. Just being connected brings power and makes a statement.

black women

Black women are capable of absolutely anything. And there’s no doubting that we’re strong and beautiful. Let’s boost positivity and support one another.

Such a beautiful idea. #Squadgoals

What would your superhero group’s mission be?