Sometimes we all need a cleansing for all the negative energy on us or on our living space. There is a Native American, Shamanic and centuries-old tradition for this kind of cleansing: burning sage. It is an ancient cleansing ritual for both your body and your living space.

Whenever you feel low, stressed or whenever you start a new page in your life, it’s an ideal time for sage burning. Also after a yoga session or a little meditation, burning dried sage will purify you and your soul.

Where to find sage bundles?

Search for herb stores or natural food stores in your area. Sage bundles are easy to find.  These bundles are, also known as smudge sticks, often mixed with lavender.

When to do the ritual?

Burning sage after moving to a new house and redecorating your room is almost necessary for a clean slate. Also whenever you feel the negative forces are upon you, you can light a sage smudge stick and make those negative energies go away. It is ideal to burn sage after a meditation session.

How to burn sage?

  1. Buy a sage smudge stick from a local store.
  2. Get a heat-proof plate or bowl to place the stick.
  3. Light and let it ember and smoke.
  4. Start with yourself: use the smoke like you’re showering.
  5. Start with the center of your house, walk around and let the smoke reach every corner of every room.

You can also say a little prayer or an incantation while you are walking around the house.

When you’re done, let the smoke clear out from the windows and doors with all the negative energy. Extinguish it carefully and bury it in your backyard if you can. You can just simply throw it away as well. It is not advised to use it again.

Have you ever done a sage burning ritual for your house or yourself? Share your experiences and tips with us!