School of ThoughtIt’s no secret that some of the biggest “teachers” throughout many generations have been the famous faces of Black history. Anyone from Harriet Tubman to George Washington Carver and even Ida B. Wells.

These leaders and more have helped paved the way for people of color to be able to have the freedom to do what ever the desires of our hearts. So how cool would it be to have attended a university devoted to them?

Well a new apparel line has the next best thing.

School of Thought

Philadelphia Printworks, a screen printing company based out of Philly has released a new collection titled “School of Thought” which features sweatshirts from fictional universities bearing the names of famous Black leaders.

The “School of Thought” collection, designed by Mars Five and Philadelphia Printworks, imagines a different world where colleges and institutions have been established based on the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver and James Baldwin. The collection represents the double consciousness experienced by African diaspora in America and creates a safe space for the praxis of liberation.

It’s so important to remember where we came from. For example those who love to write, we should desire to pay homage to one of the originals who did it for a great cause, Ida B. Wells. Or Audra Lorde who wrote and presented poetry with a purpose.

Why wait for Black History Month? Now you can purchase a fashionable sweatshirt named after your favorite Black thinker, inventor, activist or writer.

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School of Thought

Although offering a very simplistic design, the shirts are made to mimic actually college and university paraphernalia.

The company’s other products explore similar anti-racist themes, with shirts reading “Assata is Welcome Here” and “No Justice No Peace.”

Will you be purchasing a “School of Thought” crew?

Check out the entire “School of Thought” lookbook here.



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