On Friday, Simone Battle passed away. It’s been confirmed by the Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman that she committed suicide by hanging herself. She was 25.

Her boyfriend found Simone’s body hanging in a closet in their West Hollywood apartment on Friday morning at around 8:30a.m. He had last seen her alive at about 3a.m.

Simone’s family members said she had been depressed because of financial problems. This confused them, of course, because she was part of an up-and-coming group that had only recently finished a tour overseas. The group had also collaborated on a song with the reasonably popular Pitbull. Other people close to the singer said that the group failing to hit in the US had discouraged her to the point that she feared she would never hit in her home country.

Shortly before her suicide, Simone had taken part in a Galore photo shoot with the other G.R.L. members, where they appeared on the cover. The issue went to press just before the incident. The group was called the “girl group of the future”. When interviewed, Simone seemed happy, and even shared her beauty routine.

Most of us wish we were rich and famous and lived in the mansion of our dreams. A number of people set out to become famous, but only a small percentage actually make it to stardom. Simone, who had earlier been on X-Factor, was steadily becoming popular with G.R.L. The fact that they had collaborated with Pitbull, started featuring on magazines and had even gone on tour without yet releasing an album means they were on the right track. With time, they probably would have attained the superstardom they desired.

Sadly, the music industry is one with tons of pressure, and Simone crumbled under that pressure. This is a true waste, because she was young, beautiful, talented and driven. She might have been facing tough times, but that’s why we have family and friends: to help us through these phases.

It is incidents like these which should remind us to value ourselves and our lives, no matter what we are going through. Being famous won’t make you happy; only you can make yourself happy.

Rest in peace, Simone Battle.


Featured image: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com