This video is way too hilarious not to share, some of it is borderline offensive but its still funny as hell. Why are the Brits so calm? And why do Americans blow things out of proportion? Isn’t Ebola worthy of of being blown out of proportion?

This isn’t just about Ebola though when you look at UK vs US coverage of anything, typically the Brits are pretty passive about how they report news unless its something crazy like, the Queen walked out of the castle or something crazy like that. The thing that makes American coverage weird is that they will say things like “widespread outbreak” and ” death” and then say “don’t panic”, stay calm”.

In the middle of the mixed messages then they will take your confusion to a whole ‘nother’ level and admit to saying the wrong things in previous media coverage. For instance just today the CDC admitted that they mis spoke and that Ebola can actually be spread by air.

word comes from the CDC that the virus can, in fact, be spread to others up to 3 feet away. In a new Ebola-related post that appears to be splitting hairs between “airborne” and “droplet” spread, the health agency claimed.

They are trying to decide if a full blow sneeze with droplets is bad versus just like a sniffle with some airborne stuff. While they sort that out, we have to make sure we don’t get over excited and stop eating other peoples spaghetti without justification and just educate ourselves as much as we can about the disease.

Personally I can see why there would be fear, even our favorite celebs are taking flights with masks on, with words like ‘not taking any chances’ on Instagram statuses. The media might be at fault but when you have thousands of people dropping like flies in other countries it does cause for some concern which is much different from hysteria.

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